Day 1 – God’s Design for the Family

Scripture: Genesis 1:27-28
Suggested Song: Praise To The Lord The Almighty

Preparation for Family Worship:

God’s great design of the family is to reflect His holiness. We do this when we reveal His attributes to one another as in;love, humility, kindness and goodness. The fatherhood of the family on earth is to be the image and likeness of its original, the Fatherhood in heaven. In procreation man and woman give life to their children. This reveals the life giving character of God. However, Adam and Eve ate of the forbidden fruit. Now we make our children partakers of our sinful nature. Rather than the family being the path to heaven, as in reflecting the character of God, the family is now the path to hell. But, what sin destroyed grace restores. In Christ we have become a new creation and can reflect in our families the image of God in which we were created. Would you commit to be this? Begin by making God’s thought your thought; the fatherhood and family on the earth are to be the image and likeness of the heavenly original. 

Discussion Questions:

  1. Why did God create man in His image?
  2. What is our responsibility to God as a family?
  3. How can we better fulfill that responsibility?
  4. What do we use to subdue the earth? (The gospel)

Pray that God would give you grace to do better as a family reflecting His image to the world.