Day 10 – The Influence of A Father

Scripture: Genesis 26:6-11
Suggested Song: In Christ Alone

Preparation for Family Worship:
Even though Esau and Jacob are born we have one more story with Isaac. It is true we spent more time with Abraham and so little time with Isaac, but the reality is that we will see the promise of God played out in the unfolding of the generations after Isaac. In our story today Isaac obeys God and settles as a sojourner in a foreign land. However, when he gets there he tells every one that Rebekah is his sister so that he won’t have problems with other men trying to kill him for her. Now, we did not cover the story of Isaac and Rebekah, but it is a beautiful love story of God’s faithfulness.You should read it. Imagine the implications of what he has done. He was willing to loose his own wife to save himself. That is not how God has called men to love their wives. Why would he do that? Well, it is because his father Abraham did it not once but twice. Here we see the influx of a father over his son. We as parents must keep a close watch on ourselves. Our children are watching and will follow the path we leave for them.  

Discussion Questions:

  1. How do we see Abraham’s influence on Isaac in obeying God and living in a foreign land? 
  2. How do we see Abraham’s influence in Isaac’s sin?
  3. In what ways do you want your family to be like you?

Pray that you would lead your family in godly things.