Day 12 – God Protects Us From The World

Scripture: Genesis 33
Suggested Song: On Christ The Solid Rock

Preparation for Family Worship:
After Jacob wrestled with God he continued on his journey. Our text says in verse 1 “Jacob lifted up his eyes, and behold, Esau was coming”. This is a fearful thing for Jacob because he had cheated his brother out of his fathers blessing and had not seen him until this moment. Esau has every right here to be angry with Jacob. If we know the whole story we know that Esau, though born of Isaac, even being the first born, was not a child of God. So, we expect Esau to react in an ungodly way here, but he doesn’t. Why? How? God granted favor to Jacob in the sight of Esau. When we are walking with the Lord and trusting n Him alone, we can rest assured that God will give us favor. This does not always mean that good things will happen to us, but we will always be in the Lord’s will. That is the safest place to be. 

Discussion Questions:

  1. Why did Jacob put Leah and her children in front?
  2. Did Esau accept Jacobs offering? Why not?
  3. How can we face difficult situations like Jacob faced?

Pray that we would trust in Christ in every situation.