Day 14 – The Faithfulness of God in Hard Times

Scripture: Genesis 37:12-36
Suggested Song: It Is Well

Preparation for Family Worship:
We jump forward a little farther in the story of Jacob and his family today.  Jacob had a favorite son, Joseph, who was not his oldest son, but his firstborn son to Rachel. The Bible is not advocating for having favorite children in our family. This is wrong and should not be done. However, as we see this story unfold we will see the importance of Joseph and the plans God has for him. Joseph’s brother do not like him very much because his father treats him better than his brothers. They are filled with jealousy. This is not a new sin that has arisen on the earth, but dates back to Cain and Able. Because of this jealousy Jospeh’s brothers plan to kill him, however Ruben convinced them to throw him into a pit, but his other brothers, for financial gain, sold Jospeh into slavery. This sounds like a very wicked and sad story, for it is, but what Jospeh’s brothers “intended for evil God intended for good.” In Christ God takes the wicked things people do to us and the hard things that we have to face in life and uses them to conform us into His image. That is why trials in our lives are not bad, but good!

Discussion Questions:

  1. Why did Joseph’s brothers want to kill him? 
  2. Why are we jealous of others?
  3. How has God, in His providence, used a difficult time in your life to conform you to the image of Christ?

Pray that you would trust in Christ even in the hard times.