Day 16 – Faithful but forgotten

Scripture: Genesis 40
Suggested Song: Behold Our God

Preparation for devotional:
After Joseph got accused by Potiphar’s wife he got thrown into prison. So he has gone from being the favorite child, receiving a special rob from his father, to being sold into slavery, then placed into a high ranking officials house, now into prison as a criminal. What a rollercoaster of a life! So many people who complain and gripe about these circumstances, but we never hear that from Joseph. In fact, while he is in prison two guys have dreams; the cupbearer and the cake baker for the king. The were both placed into prison for an offense against the king and with Jospeh in jail. They did not know what these dreams meant so they were sad. Jospeh, while in prison for being wrongly accused, cares for others by asking why the two men were sad. They responded by saying that they did not know the meaning of the dreams they had. This is where we learn why Joseph is so even kill. He responded by saying “do not interpretations belong to God”. Jospeh trusted in the sovereignty of God.   

Discussion Questions:

  1. How was Jospeh able to interpret the dreams??
  2. Did the interpretations come true? Why?
  3. Did the cupbearer keep his promise to Jospeh?

Pray that we would be satisfied with only Christ.