Day 2 – God’s Design for the Family

Scripture: Genesis 4:8, 5:1-3
Suggested Song: Amazing Grace

Preparation for Family Worship:

Yesterday we looked at the family as God created it. Now we turn to see the family as sin has made it. Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit and are removed from paradise. A sacrifice of blood was made for them and they continue with the command that God gave them “be fruitful and multiply”. Cain is born to them. As it says in Gen. 5:3 “in his own likeness” referring to Adam. This likeness is with a sinful nature. We see the evidence of this when Cain murdered his brother. God had made man with the ability to give life, and even after the fall this was not removed, but it was terribly defaced. Adam still had the power to bring forth children, but now in his own likeness. In this sin conquered the whole human race. Parental relation has now become the strength of sin; however, when God restores it, it will be the strength of grace. Seeing that our children have inherited our nature should cause us to be patient, gentle and wise in our instruction with them. We must take every opportunity to teach our family the gospel. It is the only hope of restoration to God that we have.

Discussion Questions:

  1. What did Adam pass to his children?(original sin)
  2. What does it mean that we have children in our likeness?
  3. How can we, being marred by sin, reflect once again the image of God?

Pray for your family to be a reflection of the new creation in Christ