Day 3 – The Family As Grace Restores It

Scripture: Genesis 6:5-8, 7:1
Suggested Song: The Power of The Cross

Preparation for Family Worship:
We now move to the story of Noah. From Adam to Noah there are about ten generations. Augustine described the situation by saying that there are two cities; The city of man and the city of God. We see this in two lineages, one from Cain and one from Seth. Cain, upon being exiled from the land of his parents started a city where he lead his sons to more and more depravity. Seth on the other hand lead his family in righteousness until Noah. In the time of Noah God said that He was sorry that He made man and that He would destroy the entire world, but God made a covenant with Noah and his family, to save them. Gen. 6:18 says “but I will establish my covenant with you, and you shall come into the ark, you and your sons, your wife, and your sons wives with you.” This is God’s great design for christian families. That we would take not only ourselves, but our families into the Ark (Christ). This does not happen because they are blood of our blood or flesh of our flesh, but through the gospel. “Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the words of Christ.” Because you are a christian does not mean that your children will be, but it does mean a great blessing for your family! They get to grow up in a gospel atmosphere! Where a spanking is not merely a spanking, but a call to repentance and faith in Christ. Where love is not merely affection, but love that is rooted in Christ. Would you husbands, fathers, wives, mothers be as Noah and take your family to the Ark, to Christ? Noah took the time, about 100 years, to build the ark for his family. Building a gospel atmosphere in your family is not easy. It will cost you, but your family’s lives are at stake. We must constantly be building gospel centers homes. It is the reason God gave you a family. Remember our command “Fill the earth and subdue it”.   

Discussion Questions:

  1. Gen. 6:8 says that “Noah found favor in themes of the Lord”. How did Noah find favor?
  2. What are some ways that we can create a gospel atmosphere in our homes?
  3. How was Noah’s family saved? What does this mean for us?

Pray that your family would be faithful to be gospel centered.