Day 4 – The Family As God’s Promised Kingdom

Scripture: Genesis 15:1-6
Suggested Song: Great Is Thy Faithfulness

Preparation for Family Worship:
We now move from Noah to Abraham. After God flooded the earth Noah builds an altar and God makes a covenant with him to never flood the earth again. Without the promise of judgment Noah begins to lead his family in wrong ways. He planted a vineyard  and makes himself drunk. His son Ham then fall off the deep end and the world is right back to where it was before. In this situation the Bible takes us to Abraham. He is old and has no children. God has told him that He would give him his own son and that his generations would be as the stars in the heavens. God has an eternal plan of redemption for the sin of man. His eternal plan is to “put His Son forward as a propitiation for our sins”. God promised this plan through Abraham’s offspring. Now Abraham is old and without offspring. In our text today we see God assure Abraham of this promise and we see Abraham’s faith. In verse 6 it says Abraham believed God and it was counted to him as righteousness. Whether you are a father, husband wife, mother or child, you have been given a family by God. The birth of Isaac was not the only specific, planned by God birth, in the world, but every birth is. As christians God has even given us a more clear promise and purpose in our families; that we would advance His kingdom. God’s promise it that His kingdom would be as though the stars in the heavens and we are part of that! That is why we sing the song “Father Abraham”. We are part of that promise. Have you realized that you are part of there eternal plan of God? This should make us take our role more seriously. God in His sovereignty has placed you exactly where He wants you for His eternal purpose. May your family add to the advancement of His kingdom through generational evangelism. As important as Isaac was to Abraham, your family should be important to you. 

Discussion Questions:

  1. Why did God make a promise to Abraham?
  2. Is this promise just for the blood family of Abraham? 
  3. How can we be part of Abraham’s family?

Pray that your family would be part of the advancement of the gospel. Talk about ways that you can do that better.