Day 5 – The Family as The Foundation For God’s Covenant

Scripture: Genesis 17:1-8
Suggested Song: How Firm a Foundation

Preparation for Family Worship:
When we think of missions and evangelism we often think of going into the jungles of Africa or to the poor in India. We think about big tent revivals and knocking on doors. These are all good. We, as the church, need to be involved in them! We, as families, need to lead our children to be part of them. However, these are not the place where we are to put forth the majority of our evangelistic efforts. The home is the place where we are to spend the most time evangelizing. Think of it this way, God made a promise to Abraham to make his generation’s like the stars of the sky. This promise is the Church. The whole book of Galatians describes this. So, if God is going to raise His church out of Abraham should He not bring many people from many nations to listen to the message of the gospel which Jesus preached to Abraham? That is not what God does. God gives Abraham a son, one son, and tells him to be faithful. The majority of church growth should come from future generation christians being raised in our homes. This requires faithful husbands, fathers, wives, mothers, and children. We are called to be christian imperialists and it starts at home.

Discussion Questions:

  1. Why did God make a covenant with Abraham? 
  2. What did God require that Abraham do in this covenant?
  3. What does God do later to test Abraham’s faithfulness?

Pray that your family would remain faithful to the covenant of God.