Day 7 – Trusting God in the promise

Scripture: Genesis 21:1-7
Suggested Song: How Firm a Foundation

Preparation for Family Worship:
We now arrive at the birth of Isaac. Sarah is old, Abraham is old, but God is faithful and has fulfilled His promise. There are times in our lives when we read the promises of God and have doubts like Sari did. In part this is because ewe live here and loo through a glass dimly, which is faith, but one day that will not be. We must, however, come to a place in our walk with the Lord where we fully trust every promise given to us in the Word of God. His word is always “yes and amen”. Abraham and Sarah failed in doing this. Sarah took her concubine and gave her to Abraham to try and help God fulfill His promise to them, but this was a great error. Hagar, Sarah’s concubine, had a son and they named him Ishmael. As Galatians 4:21-31 tells us Hagar represents the law and Sarah the covenant of grace that we have in Christ. So many times we act like Abraham and Sarah and we lack faith in the instruction that God has given us and we turn to our own abilities. This never ends well. It hasn’t ended well for Abraham and Sarah either. The tension between Sarah and Hagar is still a reality today. It is a perfect example that we need to trust the promises of God in His word, obey His commandments, and deny our own thinking. God has given us instruction on how to raise our children, we do not need to lean on our own understanding or the philosophies of the world, but only on His Word. 

Discussion Questions:

  1. Was God faithful to Abraham and Sarah? 
  2. Talk about god’s timing not being our timing.
  3. Our text says that Abraham circumcised Issac, what is this symbolic of for us?

Pray that your family would trust the promises of God.