Day 9 – The Promise To The Next Generation

Scripture: Genesis 26:1-5
Suggested Song: Standing On The Promises

Preparation for Family Worship:
A lot has gone on from our last Text to this one. Sarah died. Abraham mourned her and was able to bury her according to how he wanted. Isaac finds his wife Rebekah. They have two sons, Jacob and Esau, or should I say Esau and Jacob. Then Abraham died. As our text tells us today there is now a famine in the land. In these day when a famine hit it was devastating. People could not simply go down to Walmart when they ran out of something. Everything they ate and used came from their own land. If there was no rain then there was no food. It made for very trying times. Lots of people died. That is Isaac fear in our text today, but God confirms His promise with Abraham to Isaac. Isaac saw his fathers faith and mimicked it here. He obeyed God and God preserved him and his family in the midst of trial. We must teach our families to trust in God in every season of our lives. They are going to see how our faith is when we are tested. 

Discussion Questions:

  1. What effect did the faith of Abraham have on Isaac? 
  2. How are we as christians suppose to respond in tough times?
  3. What promise did God make to Isaac? Where have you heard that promise before?

Pray for your family to be faithful in every situation.