January 13, 2020

Today started off as a great day! I woke up, after only a few short hours of sleep, in Houston leaving to go the San Cristobal to preach at the conference and on the street! And It is my birthday! Not only that, I am with two godly brothers and going to meet up with serval more to have great fellowship! It is the making of a great day! We step onto the elevator and Bro. Phil asked me if it was necessary to carry his passport with him at all times on the trip. It was then that it hit me…I forgot my passport. I went to church Sunday evening with so much on my mind. I was unsure how the message was taken by the church Sunday morning, I am not fully prepared to preach all my sermons in Chiapas, I am leaving my family for a week, I am leaving my church family for a week, I am praying and carrying the burden for Edwin as he prepared to preach an intense sermon, and I am flat wore out! After Edwin preached an incredible message on the gospel, you bathed me in kindness by throwing me a party! I was so excited and full of joy, that when I got to the house to meet Bro. Phil to leave for Houston, I forgot my passport. Now it is 3:15 a.m. and Ivonne and I both turn our phones off at night, and I am in need of someone to bring me my passport. I had to call Bro. Edwin, at 3:20 am!! Him and Tere woke Ivonne up, then offered to bring me my passport so that she did not have to get the boys up that early. They drove all the way to Houston just to bring me my passport! Only the church would do that! I am very thankful! After changing a flight, praise God I had flight insurance, and a long day in the airport, we arrived in Tuxtla Gutiérrez. As we are collecting our bags we are two short. Bro. Sye and Bro. Phil. We had to file for lost baggage then proceeded to San Cristobal. After a nice dinner and good fellowship we checked into our hotel and got to bed fairly early. Tomorrow we will be going to Chamula, the place where Christians are still persecuted, so we would appreciate your prayers.