January 14, 2020

Today was a wonderful day with great fellowship and gospel opportunities. Our plans changed just a little bit. We were supposed to go do something touristy today, but Pastor Miguel had some things to take care of, so we decided to go to Chamula. Travis Land gave a great devotional during breakfast on the “Beatitudes” and we sang “Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing” in the restaurant. We then went to Chamula. It is a wicked place filled with idolatry and drunkenness. The cathedral (I dare not call it a church) is a mix of ancestor worship and Catholic doctrine. The floor is covered with pine needles and there has to be 100,000 candles. They pay witch doctors to do cleanses on them to remove evil spirits where they rub chickens all over them then drink a very strong drink followed by Coca Cola. This makes them burp and they see it as releasing the evil spirits. They chant the whole time they do this kind of like a Pentecostal speaking in tongues. Normally there are “authorities” of the city in side the cathedral to keep people from doing things that are not allowed. You cannot take pictures, be loud, ask people things etc. After we had been in there a few minutes Bro. Randall stood up in the from of the place and quoted John 10:10 in Spanish then told then that idolatry was wrong and they needed to repent. It was beautiful. I looked for the authorities to see their reaction and they were not there. As we are leaving the cathedral they were all walking down the road having come from a meeting. All the authorities wear a wool vest. It is very distinct and they are easy to see. That is the providence of God! We pent the rest of the day in the market and a great coffee shop. After supper we went to the town square to preach. Bro randall preached first from Acts 17 and drew a nice size crowd. I preached next out of Rev. 22. As people were standing and hearing God’s Word others in the group were handing out tracts. As I was preaching there was a girl who was filming, someone in the group said she was on facebook live, doing hand signing everything that I was preaching. It was great! Tomorrow will be our tourist day to go to Sumidero Canyon. In the evening we will have our first service at the church. It will be at 5:30 and Bro. Sye will preach. Please pray for him.