January 15, 2020

Today started off a bit early. We planned to go to the Canyon Sumidero in Tuxtla. Sye taught a devotional at 7:15 then Freddy(a guy from the church) drove us to Tuxtla. We did not have a chance to get breakfast because things don’t open until 8:00 and we had to leave by 7:45, so we stopped at a convenient store just to grab something quick. Everywhere we go the group is handing out tracts and sharing the gospel. There was a group of people waiting for a bus outside the convenient store and they all got to hear the good news of Jesus Christ! The canyon was beautiful! We were able to see cayman and spider monkeys as well. At one point the caption of the boat we were in stopped and told us the canyon, at that point, was 1,000 meters tall. He had asked me to get on the elevated platforms with him so I could translate(I definitely had the best seat in the boat). I told him that 1,000 meters was very high, but at one time there was water covering all of it when God flooded the earth. I was able to share the gospel with him. His name was Joel. One of my favorite parts about this trip is the fellowship we are able to have as we eat and go to the coffee shop. I am not posting pictures of the coffee shop so that you do not comment a 10th commandment violation. It’s really good! The fellowship has been truly great! After going to the canyon and getting a little rest in the afternoon, and good coffee, we headed to the church. They are working on reconstructing their sanctuary because they did not fit before. It is beautiful! Sye preached tonight and I translated. He did a great Job. He preached from Psalm 8 on the majesty of God and how we should speak often of the Majestic God. After church we came to Joel’s house, he is a pastor at the church. They built a log cabin on the third floor of their house and that is where we are now staying. There are seven of us in one room, and nine f us in all staying here. There is only one bathroom and no running hot water. They have given us a bucket with an electric rod to heat the water up to take a bath. I’m guessing there will be a few of us that opt to not shower everyday. It is very cold in here as well. This will be good for these gringos to get out of their comfort zone a little. I am enjoying it thoroughly! The conference starts tomorrow at 7:00 Bro. Randall will preach first then Dr. Mudliar. Please pray that God will be glorified and the church encouraged.