January 16, 2020

Confronting the JW’s Confrontando los testigos

Last night we moved out of the hotel and in with a family from the Church. Joel is a pastor at the church and a faithful brother. They built a cabin on the third floor of their house. It is a neat place to stay, but there are less comforts. It is cold, not running hot water and things like that. I did not rest well and woke up very tired. After a great breakfast Bro. David Mellville gave a devotion on Hebrews 4:12-13 and did an excellent job. There are two men here with us from Acuna Mexico, Armando and Cesar. They are father and son, and Armando(the father) is a pastor. They are more on the charismatic side. Dr. Mudliar had met them and invited them to join us for the conference in hopes that they would learn. He and I had the idea to take some of our down time and go through the doctrines of grace with these men. So, after breakfast we were headed to the coffee shop and encountered some Jehovah’s Witnesses and began confronting them. It was Sye, Dr. Mudliar and my self talking with them. It was so sad to see how someone can be duped so easily. We showed them the falseness of their gospel and called them to repentance. The man speaking to us told me that he thought it was just a matter of semantics, but I told him he was wrong and that if he did not repent he would go to hell because Galatians 1:8-9 says that he is accursed for preaching a false gospel. At one point in the conversation a girl asked Dr. Mudliar, who for years has taught Hebrew and Greek in seminary “what version of the Bible he used?” She had no idea what she had done. I left that conversation saddened for these people and thankful I was not a JW walking down the street and encountering Dr. Mudliar, Sye Ten Bruggencate and a simple pastor from East Texas.

Dr. Mudliar eating grillos(crickets)

The coffee shop “Oh La La”, it is a French bakery and coffee shop that is incredible! We sat around the table and I began to teach Total Depravity from Romans 7-8. People in all of the coffee shop were listening! A girl and her dad sat down. With us and listened! It was a great time of ministry! After I taught for about 30 minutes Dr. Mudliar taught Unconditional Election. The people stayed the whole time! The church here decided to feed the group at the church, so after the coffee shop we went to the church to eat. After some rest we had the first night of the conference and Bro. Randall started with 1 John 1:1-4. It was very clear and Christ was exalted. After Bro. Randall, Dr. Mudliar preached 1 John 1:5-2:2. He addressed Limited Atonement from 1 John 2:2. A couple years ago that would have caused a problem, tonight I saw Pastor Miguel in agreement with it. I rejoice at the work that God is doing in this church. Both sermons were great! You can hear them by going to the First Baptist Church of Briar facebook page. I have been worried about my voice, but after translating all day yesterday, preaching to the JW’s, teaching in the coffee shop, and translating two sermons last night, I am feeling well. Please pray that these guys would not get sick and that my voice would hold up. Tomorrow we will have a similar schedule like the one today so please pray as Bro. Randall will teach on Limited Atonement and Bro. Phil on Irresistible Grace. Also, Bro. Phil and Bro. Jack will preach at the conference tomorrow. I am missing home, but am rejoicing in the Lord and His work here. I have been praying for you all that you would continue in the reading plan and that you would be faithful in memorizing the verse of the month.