January 17, 2020

We started the day off with breakfast at the church at 9:00. The church has been so kind to us to cook our meals. They have tried to keep the menu simple to try and keep us from getting sick. It seems to have helped. Phil was sick after the first two days, and I was not feeling so well yesterday, but apart from that no one else has gotten sick. During breakfast Pastor Miguel asked me to explain to him why Dr. Mudliar said in his sermon the previous night that Jesus did not die for every single human in the world. I had a great conversation with Pastor Miguel and for the first time in ten years I think he got it! After breakfast we went to “Oh La La” to continue our study through the doctrines of grace. Bro. Randall taught on limited atonement and did an excellent job. He taught out of John 10. It was very clear. I translated and could tell that Armando, the pastor from Acuña, was not in agreement. When Bro. Randall had finished Armando asked about Rev. 3:20, “Does Jesus not knock on the door of every heart?” It was a great opportunity to explain to him and his son Cesar about regeneration. I took them to John 1:12-13 an they understood. Bro. Randall then gave a very good explanation of the context of Rev. 3:20. After we were done with limited atonement we took a 5 minute break to go to the restroom and order more coffee. The manager of the coffee shop asked to speak with me. He told me that we were more than welcome to order and drink coffee but that we could not teach the Bible in the coffee shop. There are two homosexuals that work there and I believe that they complained about us. I told the manager that people come into the coffee shop everyday and talk about vile things and they allow it, and that he will have to give an account to King Jesus for his actions. Sye suggested that we go and preach on the street corner in front of it today. We gathered our things, shook the dust off our feet(literally), and went to another coffee shop where Bro. Phil taught on irresistible grace from Eziekiel 37. We then headed back to the church for lunch. After lunch we were able to get some rest before the evening service. Bro. Phil preached first from 1 John 2:3-6 then Jack from 1 John 2:7-11. Both did well. I struggled a little during the first sermon translating. We are all tired an I think it caught up to me a little. We have an early day tomorrow. The church has a prayer meeting at 7:00 am. Sye will give a devotional. Please pray that God will continue to strengthen us!