January 18, 2020

Today started off with a prayer meeting at the church at 7:00. During the prayer meeting Sye gave a devotional on appealing to God’s justice from 1 John 1:9. He did a great job. After the prayer eating we had breakfast at the church. The church here is rebuilding their sanctuary because they did not fit in the other one. The workers came in the morning to work, so we had to go to another room to have our conference. It is upstairs and we had to carry some chairs up there. On the way down one of the stairs broke and Bro. David fell. By the grace of God he only cut his hand a little, but the stairs had to be re-welded before we had service. Gustavo woke up sick and was unable to come with the group today. He is from Mexico, but attends Dr. Mudliar’s church. There have been quite a few jokes about he being Mexican and getting sick. After breakfast the conference started at 10:00. Bro. Phil preached first on the confirmation of genuine Christianity. Then Dr. Mudliar on guarding against deception. I believe that the people here have been helped and encouraged. After the morning session we went to the coffee shop “Al Grano” obviously not “Oh La La”, to have our last section on perseverance of the saints. Sye taught this section and did a great job! We all had a great discussion and Armando(the charismatic pastor) asked about loosing your salvation. I was able to teach through Hebrews 6:4-7 and I think he understood. After the coffee shop we headed back to the church for the evening session. I preached on mortifying sin from 1 John 2:28-3:10 then Jack preached on commanded love from 1 John 3:11-27. After this evenings service my throat is starting to fell the effects of preaching, teaching and translating. At this point I have Preached once in church and once on the streets, taught several bible studies, translated nine times in the church, once in the open air, five times for bible studies, and every morning for morning devotionals. I have been drinking hot tea and trying to take care of my self, but I will preach one more time tomorrow and translate three times. Please pray for me. Tomorrow we will have two sermons in the morning and two in the afternoon. I am missing home and all of you dearly, but am so encouraged by the work the Lord is doing here. I had another great conversation with pastor Miguel yesterday. He has been taking notes in every sermon. Please continue to pray for us and for the church here. I prayed for you all tonight before bed and trust that the Lord will speak to you through His Word tomorrow! I hope you all have a great Lord’s day!